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When I was looking for a job in Australia, I came across several job boarding websites for Japanese people and spent a lot of time to find a good opportunity. However, I realized there are so many spams and duplicated posts on these websites. This website allows you to search job postings for Japanese from all websites in Australia without these kind of worries.

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Anywhere from Australia

We have reliable job lists from over 100 suburbs in Australia. Instead of having to check multiple websites for each city, just keep oshigoto.com.au with you :)

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No More Spam

If you are sick of spam or scam postings on job boards, oshigoto.com.au is the perfect place for you. It automatically removes those unwanted ads and provides clean search results.

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No Duplicated Post

When you are looking for a job online, you might end up seeing the same ads on different websites because job postings are normally placed on multiple websites in order to get as much visibility as possible.
Use oshigoto.com.au and save time.

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Wickedly Fast

One thing we don't like about typical job boards is that there are so many advertisements unrelated to jobs! Our goal is simple: job only search functionality delivered super fast.

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